Living with Purpose

Recent readings in Davis Bunn’s devotional book, The Turning, have talked about the idea of purpose. “We seek to do that for which we were made.” (Lesson 27)

“We develop a discipline of listening in order to be receptive to God. In so doing, we learn what it means to be still and know His glory on an entirely different level—that of direct experience.” (Lesson 28)

“We are designed for a purpose. “ (Lesson 28)

As I’ve spent the last few months considering what it is I’m supposed to be doing during this time of sabbatical, I’ve determined a good part of my purpose is to glorify God. That means to bring glory to Him. (Romans 15:6-7, Philippians 2:11, Psalms, Ephesians 1:11-12)

In the quotes from the devotional reading I see two things:

1. Be still and know His glory.

2. Our purpose is to bring glory to God.

How can the same word be used in these two different sentences? How are they related?

1. Be still. Rest in His Presence. Know and experience His Presence.

2. Bring His Presence (glory) to others. Glorify (magnify) the Lord. Make it easier for others to see His glory and experience His Presence.

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