Light and dark

Part of fall is getting used to the shorter days. It gets light later and gets dark earlier. Eventually I adjust and don’t lose all my energy for the day the moment the sun drops in the sky. Over the weekend I read a book in which one of the characters felt she could see darkness in certain situations. At first she thought it came from the shortcomings of people around here. Toward the end of the book she realized the darkness came partially from within, from a mysterious disease she had inherited. A few days before I read the book in some other context I heard the question:

What is the most impossible thing that could happen with God?

The context was that of daring to dream of fullness of life (and light) with God. Drawing near to God. Reading His Word as part of that drawing near.

I had to ask myself: Why are we satisfied without God’s presence?

Whatever our “impossible” dreams, they dim in the light of God’s presence. Saying this and living it are two entirely different things. My challenge: to learn to live it.

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